4-Eyed Friendzies

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4-Eyed Friendzies, a New Electronic Interactive Light and Sound, Dance and Laugh, Robotic Plush Pet for Kids made by Top Secret Toys.

  • The best fantasy friend a kid can have to fuel their imagination for hours of fun and surprises!

  • 4-Eyed Friendzies have four eyes that magically blink in a variety of patterns letting kids know they are ready to play! 

  • 4-Eyed Friendzies come to life when they are touched. Pet them on the head, poke them in the ribs, or pat them on the bum to prompt a wide variety of sounds, actions, and eye blinks!

  • 4-Eyed Friendzies are cute, cuddly and collectible. They love to laugh, dance, and play!

  • 4-Eyed Friendzies are recommended for children 4 years and older.

  • Let 4-Eyed Friendzies show you why 4 eyes are better than 2!

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