The Top Secret Toys Story

After a lifetime of creating new products in the toy and game categories for all of the major US toy companies, renowned toy inventors decided to begin manufacturing and marketing their favorite creations directly to consumers. Every toy that Top Secret Toys has made has been reviewed and applauded by many of the greatest minds in the toy industry. The Top Secret Toys team spans the globe and is rich with decades of experience.

As inventors we’ve worked with over 400 companies, many brands you would recognize. We created a few new brands too. We worked on everything from pinball machines for Bally and Williams to premiums for McDonalds as well as many many toys in between. We even created and prototyped the first touch screen drawing toy (PIXTER) for Fisher Price. Fabulous toy, one of our best. 

One of our most noteworthy lines is a complete rebuild on America’s number one nostalgia toy from the 90’s, GigaPets. This time with more games, all new animations and an Augmented Reality feature for use with smart phones. (We were the creators and licensor of GigaPets in the 90’s when Tiger made it number one virtual pet in America.)

Equally exciting is the launch of our new line of STEM toys, Dissect-It. Which feature a realistic slimy frog made from a proprietary new gelatinous slime material that cuts easily with plastic tools for a realistic simulation of dissecting a frog.  

Top Secret Toys also has a full range of self-flying indoor drones and helicopters all branded Hovertech, plus our feature flying toy this year is another nostalgia item from the 90’s, called AeroStorm, an outdoor air powered stunt plane (originally sold under the AirHogs brand) that has not been able to be purchased anywhere in the world since 2005.   Now it can only be purchased from Top Secret Toys.  

We want the TST website and products to be a fun place where consumers can come back to time and time again.

-The Top Secret Toys Team