GigaPets Cryptids

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  • 🏞A NEW BREED OF VIRTUAL PETS –GigaPets Cryptids are mysterious creatures that need to be captured rater than adopted. Search through the forest to discover Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and Mothman!
  • 💕3 PETS IN 1 DEVICE – GigaPets Cryptids allows you to play with 3 pets at the same time! Begin as Bigfoot and then unlock Nessie and Mothman as the game progresses!
  • 🎳7 EVOLUTIONS AND 13 MINI GAMES Each Cryptid has a baby and adult form and their own 4 mini games to experience. Additionally, there is 1 surprise evolution/game to discover! Help Bigfoot bowl, Nessie dodge submarines, and Mothman catch falling cars!
  • 🌟CRYPTIDS NEVER DIE! Unlink a traditional GigaPet Cryptids don’t die rather run away and you will get the chance to catch your spooky friend again the next day!
  • 💖🎁TEND TO AND FEND FOR – For the little ones, this game will teach them what it really means to care for something: perhaps a Giga Pet before a real pet!? Patience and fun are definitely required.

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