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The Light-Up Gyroscopic Fidget Ball

Precision machined for smooth swirls

Light-up LED display

Comes with base for desk storage

Pricing First 2 Days of Launch

1 Thumbler for $5
2 Thumblers for $8 (Save $2)
3 Thumblers for $10 (Save $6)
24 Thumblers for $60 (Save $60)

What makes Thumbler so special?

  • Invented by an astrophysicist
  • In scientific terminology, as the top spins, its axle is said to precess around the vertical direction
  • The earth’s axis exhibits a similar motion called “the precession of the equinoxes”, completing one cycle every 26,000 years, and is partly responsible for the cold periods we call ice ages!
  • With skill, your thumbler can be made to spin more than 25 times per second, while the axle precesses only a few times per second!
  • Feel the smooth gyroscopic resistance grow as the speed increases! (Doesn’t that feel pleasant?)
  • If you can double the spin rate, you will feel four times as much gyroscopic resistance! It’s science!
  • NOTE: you do not need to SHAKE your thumbler – the center of the spherical shell should ideally stay in the EXACT same place, while the shell wobbles about the center, somewhat like a coin wobbles on a tabletop.
  • As you operate the thumbler, your hand transmits more and more energy, by making the axle continuously “roll downhill”. Try to keep changing the “downhill direction” at the axle’s point of contact with the shell, so it keeps speeding up by rolling downhill.
  • No power switch needed!: your thumbler turns off as soon as you stop gyrating the shell.

Precisely machined, Thumbler rotates with extreme ease, and there is a smoothness to the “feel” of these devices that provides a soothing visceral experience for the user, especially at high rotation speeds while presenting an interactive, audiovisual environment for games, stories etc.